5 Reasons Why NOW is a great time to open a coffee shop


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1.Change in working behaviour

  • More working from home
    • need for social interaction
    • more connection with the local community
    • don’t miss the commute
  • Need fast reliable wifi
  • Change in peoples outlook
    • The noise of Social interaction
    • move to support local independent rather than big chains
  • Work-life balance
    • more time with loved ones
    • revaluating what’s important
    • life’s too short
    • realise don’t enjoy current job

2. People leaving the industry

  • Availability of sites
  • Less competition

3. Ready-made businesses for sale

  • Save a fortune in set up costs
  • existing client base

4. Rents resetting

  • Landlords are much more flexible
  • Lower than before COVID
  • A coffee offer is often a magnet for attracting other tenants
  • Loans more available to kick start economy

5. Recession-proof business

  • Coffee is considered a ‘little treat’
  • High end restaurants suffer


Why you need to do it NOW not later

1.Redundancy payments

  • Unfortunately, lots of people will be forced into a career change and many will have a lot of cash to invest, potentially upping rents and taking good sites or overpaying because they are doing it without proper research

2. Lifestyle reassessment

  • After furlough/working from home, they want to be their own boss
  • People are now looking forward rather in a cocoon

3. The best sites will go fast

  • You need to know exactly what makes a great site for YOU
  • Don’t get left behind by waiting to see
  • Get your business plan written and clearly defined

Warren Buffet

  • ‘We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful’
  • Now is the time to move forward with your opening plans

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