London coffee festival 2017

London Coffee Festival 2017 Video

We spent a fabulous few days at the London Coffee Festival. It seems that there are even more people interested in opening a coffee shop and we met loads of
Coffee Shop Queue

Why the Wait

Having a queue in your coffee shop or cafe is a beautiful thing to behold, but according to the latest research, if you have more than six guests waiting, then
how to set your prices in your coffee shop or cafe

Coffee Shop Pricing Principles INFOGRAPHIC

  Coffee Shop Pricing Principles We have put together this Infographic to illustrate some of the secrets to setting the right prices and setting out a menu that will maximise your sales. Click

5 Emergency Plans Every Coffee Shop Needs

  They say things always come in three's; so when the coffee machine, dishwasher and high-speed oven decided to stop working in the week before Christmas, the good news is that

Interview with Ken Burgin

    We were delighted recently to be invited on as guests by Ken Burgin, the famous Australian Hospitality guru. He had read a copy of our book, The Daily Grind and

Coffee Shop Equipment Checklist

Before we give you the details of the coffee shop equipment you need take a few moments to understand your new business better... 'Stop do not pass go, if you don't
Coffee Shop Christmas Checklist

Christmas Checklist for Coffee Shops

The well oiled seasonal retail calendar drives sales throughout the year, and in many markets, Christmas is the biggest of them all. It's not always a great trading period for
Andrew Brooks - Poikto

Pokito – the answer to coffee cup reuse?

The environmental impact of the disposable but not recyclable cup is something that has been in the headlines recently. The exponential growth of coffee shops and takeaway coffee, in particular, has
Social enterprises, church, charity coffee

Why Not for Profit needs to be Profitable

Why Not for Profit should still be profitable Profit is not always purely financial; it can be measured as an advantage or benefit derived from an activity. In particular for charities
coffee shop loyalty clubs

Turbocharge your loyalty card

The Coffee Shops oldest and still the most popular loyalty scheme is the good old stamp card; most coffee shops use stamp cards or something similar to encourage repeat business,

Equipment Superheroes

  You've got the plan, the passion and the drive and a great site to open your new coffee shop. The problem is you are not quite sure how busy you
Abingdon Bun Throwing

Are you ready for a Bunfight?

This weekend marks the celebration of Queen Elizabeths ninetieth birthday. There will be many events going out throughout the world to commemorate this momentous achievement; there is none more unusual
Suspended Coffees

2000 Suspended Coffees

2000 Random Acts of Kindness We had a Facebook post from a customer in April 2011 that was intriguing and had no idea we would go on to raise over £3000.

In at No9!

Our book was published at the start of December and it's already at No9 in the Kindle charts! There are many categories on Kindle but we are sitting a No9
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It’s no secret why Mystery Shopping works

In our industry Pret a Manager are the well documented leaders of Mystery Shopping, they have been long term committed users. They spend little on their marketing and a lot

The 5* Score On Your Door

As a catering establishment owner you will have had a visit from your local EHO to do a food hygiene inspection, if you are the proud owner of 5 stars

Do you run a cafe or are you the cafe?

It's a question that many people don't even consider. Taking time to reflect on how much your business is reliant on you is something we all should do. I know may