When Pub Coffee Goes Wrong

Pub Coffee Here is our latest Vlog on why you need to spend money on training your team after investing a small fortune in your coffee offer in your pub  

Lets have a picnic in your Coffee Shop!

Picnic in a Coffee Shop We have spotted a growing trend recently where guests smuggle their own food or food they have bought elsewhere to eat in the comfort of our
Food Intolerance

Great News – Food Intolerance is Growing!

Food Intolerance It might not be a good thing for those with a food intolerance, but  your coffee shop can benefit from the food intolerances of your guests. With over 35% of
Customer Toilets

Are your toilets driving you mad?

Are your toilets being abused? With the decline in local public toilet facilities provided by the councils, your local coffee shop is the favourite destination of many people needing to answer

First Impressions Matter

You only get One chance to make a First Impression The university open day season is upon us and if you like us have teenage children trying to decide where to

Will your Coffee Shop survive a Crisis?

Would your business survive a crisis? The recent tragic events at Alton Towers theme park, when two roller coasters collided causing serious injury and lots of publicity, has got me thinking