We were delighted recently to be invited on as guests by Ken Burgin, the famous Australian Hospitality guru. He had read a copy of our book, The Daily Grind and wanted to talk to us in more detail about some of things we go into in the book.

His relaxed style and vast experience soon put us at ease and a very interesting hour went by in a flash.

We hope that you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed talking to Ken

The show notes can be found here http://news.profitablehospitality.com/2016/12/12/podcast-214-cafe-success-factors/

We talk about the importance of a clever coffee shop location, service, training, marketing, financial control, and the importance of a good team.

About the Authors

Andrew & Claire Bowen are the authors of 'The Daily Grind - how to open & run a coffee shop that makes money' Available on Amazon, and Founders of Cafe Success cafesuccesshub.com - the ultimate resource site for coffee shop, cafe and tea room owners worldwide.

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