Celebrations are over now calibrate your way to profit in 2016!

Your festive celebrations will be over in a flash, but do you want to make more money in your coffee shop in 2016 with little effort?

The quick and simple solution to improving profit is to buy a good scale and a calculator and recalibrate all your recipes with your teams. Over time the recipes that you costed out, (you did cost them out didn’t you?), will be tweeked by a well meaning team member because they think it will be better to have two slices of cheese rather than one, or a supplier who has altered the pack size without informing you. Over time unless you have rigorous controls things will change and your margins will be affected.

Let’s have a look at a simple cheese and tomato panini:

Agreed Recipe £/$/€                    Actual Recipe £/$/€
1 x 130g panini 0.30                      1 x 180g panini 0.40
1 x slice of cheese 0.20                  2 x slices of cheese 0.40
1 x Tomato 0.10                              1.5 x tomato 0.15
5 g butter 0.05                                10g x butter 0.10
Total 0.65                                         Total 1.05

In this example the food cost for the same product is £/$/€0.40 more, if you sell 10 a day 360 days of the year that’s a loss of profit to you of £/$/€1440.00 on one product!

So get yourself a good scale and a good calculator and spend a few hours checking that all your recipes are being followed.

Calibrate everything, retrain your teams and have a profitable 2016.


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