Claire Bowen Speaker Hotelympia

Claire Bowen at Hotelympia

Claire is presenting "The 7 Deadly Sins Coffee Shop Owners Make' at Hotelympia on Monday 5th March at  ExCel London.Find out more here Tickets for the show are free to the

5 Emergency Plans Every Coffee Shop Needs

  They say things always come in three's; so when the coffee machine, dishwasher and high-speed oven decided to stop working in the week before Christmas, the good news is that

Interview with Ken Burgin

    We were delighted recently to be invited on as guests by Ken Burgin, the famous Australian Hospitality guru. He had read a copy of our book, The Daily Grind and
Coffee Shop Christmas Checklist

Christmas Checklist for Coffee Shops

The well oiled seasonal retail calendar drives sales throughout the year, and in many markets, Christmas is the biggest of them all. It's not always a great trading period for
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Love at First Sight!

Love at first sight You only get one chance to make a first impression they say, and it's never more important than when it's your own business. Impressing customers on their very
Abingdon Bun Throwing

Are you ready for a Bunfight?

This weekend marks the celebration of Queen Elizabeths ninetieth birthday. There will be many events going out throughout the world to commemorate this momentous achievement; there is none more unusual
May Morning

Our first lie in for 9 years!

4am Today is the first May Day morning in nine years that we have not woken up at 4am to go to work. The reason we have been able to enjoy

Oxford Barista Slam- latte art competion

Oxford had its first ever Barista competition on 8th October this year. The OxBarsistaSlam latte art competition was held a Joseph Perks&Co and sponsored by UECoffee Roasters. I was there to

When Pub Coffee Goes Wrong

Pub Coffee Here is our latest Vlog on why you need to spend money on training your team after investing a small fortune in your coffee offer in your pub  

Lets have a picnic in your Coffee Shop!

Picnic in a Coffee Shop We have spotted a growing trend recently where guests smuggle their own food or food they have bought elsewhere to eat in the comfort of our
Food Intolerance

Great News – Food Intolerance is Growing!

Food Intolerance It might not be a good thing for those with a food intolerance, but  your coffee shop can benefit from the food intolerances of your guests. With over 35% of
Customer Toilets

Are your toilets driving you mad?

Are your toilets being abused? With the decline in local public toilet facilities provided by the councils, your local coffee shop is the favourite destination of many people needing to answer

First Impressions Matter

You only get One chance to make a First Impression The university open day season is upon us and if you like us have teenage children trying to decide where to
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It’s no secret why Mystery Shopping works

In our industry Pret a Manager are the well documented leaders of Mystery Shopping, they have been long term committed users. They spend little on their marketing and a lot