Cafe start up support list

Jim Rohn, the renowned US motivational speaker and business coach famously said that "you are the average of the five people you spend most time with."So when you are opening

Cafe Business Expo 2023

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Café Business Expo, Europe’s leading event dedicated to café business owners, coming to the ExCeL London for the 10th and
Claire Bowen open a coffee shop cafe

Now is the time to open a coffee shop

Claire speaking at Coffee Shop Expo 2021 ExCel London'Why now is the time to open a Coffee Shop'After over a year of setbacks, the Coffee Shop Innovation Expo finally took place on
michelin green stars coffee shop, cafe

News – Starbucks and Michelin Green Stars

Coffee Shop and Cafe Business News Update 27/1/2021Starbucks First Quarter results Starbucks reports like-for-like sales down 5% in its First Quarter:Todays results from Starbucks although the top line is negative has

Interview with Ken Burgin

    We were delighted recently to be invited on as guests by Ken Burgin, the famous Australian Hospitality guru. He had read a copy of our book, The Daily Grind and

Coffee Shop Equipment Checklist

Before we give you the details of the coffee shop equipment you need take a few moments to understand your new business better... 'Stop do not pass go, if you don't

Equipment Superheroes

  You've got the plan, the passion and the drive and a great site to open your new coffee shop. The problem is you are not quite sure how busy you
Valentines customers

Woo your Valentine customers

Your secret Valentine customers From Singapore to Scandinavia, Valentine's day will be widely celebrated this weekend. So on this romantic festival how do you attract more customers to your independent coffee business,

Cafe16 UK – latest coffee shop research

We were invited last week to the launch of the Allegra World Coffee Portal, Project Cafe16 UK report. With the input of over 16,000 people, it's the definitive report on the
Facebook coffee shop

To be Liked is never enough…on Facebook

To be Liked is never enough...on Facebook Almost every coffee shop has a Facebook page, which is tenderly posted to, with likes being a badge of honour, the more the better. How

Oxford Barista Slam- latte art competion

Oxford had its first ever Barista competition on 8th October this year. The OxBarsistaSlam latte art competition was held a Joseph Perks&Co and sponsored by UECoffee Roasters. I was there to

The Hidden Gem- No Marketing Required

The Hidden Gem – No Marketing Required Yesterday we stumbled over one of the best independent coffee shops I never knew about. We have just been to town that we visit

When Pub Coffee Goes Wrong

Pub Coffee Here is our latest Vlog on why you need to spend money on training your team after investing a small fortune in your coffee offer in your pub  

Lets have a picnic in your Coffee Shop!

Picnic in a Coffee Shop We have spotted a growing trend recently where guests smuggle their own food or food they have bought elsewhere to eat in the comfort of our

Will your Coffee Shop survive a Crisis?

Would your business survive a crisis? The recent tragic events at Alton Towers theme park, when two roller coasters collided causing serious injury and lots of publicity, has got me thinking

Do you run a cafe or are you the cafe?

It's a question that many people don't even consider. Taking time to reflect on how much your business is reliant on you is something we all should do. I know may