The COVID-19 crisis impacts on coffee shops, cafes and restaurants across the world.

It feels unreal like the ship has now gone down and the crew are in the lifeboats. The biggest challenges will be to keep the team motivated to prevent a mutiny while building a solid survival plan for when you hit dry land again.

When the whirlwind of the day to day is gone, you then have time to reflect on your business for however many weeks you have ahead.

You need to keep your team on board, and so a daily message or video will keep everyone in the loop even if sometimes you don't have much to say, it's essential to keep them included and involved.

How can you strengthen your links with your local community? Sensible offers of help where possible, combined with regular updates on your social media channels, will keep you on their radar over the lockdown period.

When you re-open, life won't be the same, with fewer people on the streets, and perhaps restricted opening times. Add in continued social distancing with a recession into the mix, means that the financial metrics of your business will be a world away from life in BC19 (Before COVID19).

The issues will come when you are only partially open with not enough sales to cover the rent. Managing your cash flow by navigating the myriad of grants, loans, and support schemes will continue to be a challenge for many months.

You will need to hit the ground running and a lot better than before.
Many businesses have grown haphazardly over the years, with layers of processes added on. Now is the time to peel back the layers and tune up the systems.

When you re-open, 'your customer first' experience should be a fantastic one. We will all be scrapping for the same customers and being average won't do.

Include time for yourself and your family in your new routine, never has this been more important.

To support you we have developed a 10 point plan to get you through. The Profit Boost Program, adapted for COVID19, will build the best possible survival plan for you.

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