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Hi, We are Andrew & Claire Bowen, world renowned coffee shop and café consultants and authors of the #1 Best Selling Book , The Daily Grind- how to open and run a coffee shop that makes money.

Cafe Success wheel, coffee shop and cafe operating manual

Take Charge of your Coffee Business

The Café Success Wheel

Control your whole operation simply with our uniqiue management control tool

Developed with over 40 years experience to ensure that you will always know the health of your business 

Coffee shops and cafés, although seemingly a simple business to operate need robust operating proceedures. Without the proper systems and processes in place you will not achieve the profit potential and even lose money or at worst close within a few months of opening.

You might think you can buy these things off the shelf and they will work. In our experience this never works and you end up either exposed legally or wasting time worrying about issues that you don't need to.

That's why we work with you to develop an operations manual that is unique to your business and becomes part of the DNA.

We will provide with your input, every checklist, manual, standard operating proceedure and crib sheet and therefore peace of mind. 

Using our Unique Café Success Wheel and our 7p's for Success, everything is covered.

It's well proven that a business with solid operating proceedures will attract more guests, be easier to run, make more money and have a higher valuation than one that does not.

Depending on your style of operation, a complete bespoke operating manual starts at £499 + Vat

Our 7 P's for Success:


We work with you to develop 100% clarity for your new coffee business.


Selecting your location and dealing with landlords is a difficult time, and choosing the best location is a science. Our extensive experience will ensure you have the knowledge and skill to get the best site.


A properly balanced menu is vital to your success, it's one of the main reasons new coffee shops and cafés fail to deliver their full potential profit to their owners.


Attracting and selecting the right people is always something first time owners struggle with, getting this right through your working culture will ensure your have success and a day off!


You will get off to a flying start with everything you need to have raving fans before you open.


From the coffee machine to stirrers, you will make the right decisions from multiple options and build relationships with your suppliers.

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There will become time when you will want to expand or sell. Ensuring these events are planned for from day 1 is important for the long term value of your business.

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