Before we give you the details of the coffee shop equipment you need take a few moments to understand your new business better…

‘Stop do not pass go, if you don’t know Your Why!’

So many people start in the wrong place when they want to open their coffee shop. The two things we get asked more than anything else are; ‘What coffee should I use?’ and ‘What coffee machine should I buy?’
This is not where you should start.

You must above all else have the answer to these questions:

Why am I opening a coffee shop?
How will my passion for the business shine through?
What is going to make my coffee shop different and attractive?
Who is my ideal guest?
What’s my ideal location where my new guests love what we do?

Once you have a clear understanding of these questions, then it’s time to start choosing the rest. Your answers will inform the products you sell and the look and feel of the coffee shop and the equipment you need.

Choosing the right equipment can be tricky and costly. Tricky because of the sheer volume of choice available and costly because the purchase price is not the only cost to consider when making a decision. Choosing the wrong equipment could cost your dearly over the lifetime of your business without you even realising.

The speed of production is only as fast as its slowest process, so having a bottleneck in your coffee shop will limit the number of guests you can serve, and at peak times speed is paramount to customers.

A full list of everything you need, including a downloadable checklist is on our website here