No Coffee Shop or Cafe can operate without Milk. The quality will affect our drinks and the amount we pay for this important ingredient will directly affect the bottom line.

The variance of the price paid by coffee shops and cafes for milk is astonishing, ranging from 90p to £1.40 for the same bottle. As local independents, we want to support other local businesses to get a fair deal.

The convenience of having your milk delivered has a price, but it should not be more than covering the hassle of back and forth to the local supermarket or cash and carry.

This issue is not related to the price dairy farmers get for their milk, as much of the time, this is set by what the big supermarkets will pay. It’s more about smaller businesses being squeezed for higher margins from suppliers.

This is why we are surveying the price individual UK coffee shops and cafes pay with a view to adding some transparency for coffee shop owners. You can take part below.

UK Independent Coffee Shop and Cafe Annual Milk Survey - CONFIDENTIAL

If you own or run a coffee shop or cafe in the UK please answer the following 6 questions.

As a contributor, we will send you a summary of results so you will know if you are getting a good deal from your supplier. Your individual answers will not be published.

Andrew & Claire

How many bottles of milk do you use per week? (2 litre or 4 pint bottle)
How does the milk arrive at your business? (excluding the emergencies when you run out)
What size bottles do you use?
How much do you pay per bottle?
Do you visit a Cash and Carry (Bookers, Costo, Bestways, Makro)
If we think that you are overpaying for your Milk, would you like us to contact you with a few ways that you can reduce your spend? Please add your contact details at the end.

Thank you for your input to the survey, as we promised we will send you a summary of the overall results in the next few weeks so please add your contact detail below.
Please add to your address book to be certain of getting the email.

Thanks again

Andrew & Claire