The Owner

Where the buck stops! Coaching and advise for the people who need it most...

This section will focus on the owner/manager with hints and tips on keeping your focus....more to come soon

It's a question that many people don't even consider. Taking time to reflect on how much your business is reliant on you is something we all should do.

I know may owners of Coffee Shops & Cafes that are the business. They work in it every day, they are the manager, the barista, the marketer, the maintenance man, the trainer, the cook, the cleaner, the book keeper, the HR dept etc.  Over time they get very worn out and despondent as every time they take time off, if they ever can then things go wrong. It's an old addage but for any business to improve and grow then there needs to be someone working on the business.

The E-Myth is a great book to get to understand how an Entrepreneur turns into a Technician, ie someone who starts a business with excitement and a vision, soon becomes the person who is tied to their business.

Your business needs systems and routines to run smoothly and without you. It seems a daunting prospect to set up the routines and put systems in place from scratch but its a matter of putting the information from inside your head onto paper.

A great way to start is to take 5 mins to write down what you say to people when you are training them, suddenly you have a resource  to use the next time you train someone else on the same thing. Another great tip is to write down everything that goes wrong, and then write a process to retrain the team to stop a repeat of the mistake. Over the course of a few weeks you will soon have the beginnings of your routines and process handbook that will make your business unique and consistent.