Profit Maximisation Blueprints

Only read on if you are serious about making money from your Coffee Shop, Cafe or Tea Room Business..

Failing or Scaling?

Do you need help improving profitability?

With our combined experience and skills we can quickly identify the key areas for improvement and provide you with a plan for success.

The 1-day business health check will provide you with a Blueprint for Success

We will review the whole business including - layout, range, service, pricing, margin, marketing, routines, cash management, buying, training, equipment, ergonomics, customer flow, signage & display

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The Success Blueprint will cover the following

Additional Services

  • Compliance Packs

    Do you need a fully compliant business operating manual, we provide everything you need to deliver operational compliance and peace of mind

  • VIP Club

    Set up or Set up & Fully content Managed loyalty schemes

  • Coaching

    For a limited number of businesses we provide business improvement coaching 1:1’s

  • New Business in a Box

    Everything you need to start a new Cafe. This will save you ££££ in setting up everything from location to operational processes and everything in between

  • Helpline

    Advice & support available via phone or skype