Blueprints for Profit

Only read on if you are serious about making money from your Coffee Shop, Cafe or Tea Room Business..

Failing or Scaling?

Is your business failing or is it so successful you planning to open more outlets?

Either way you need the same critical eye over your business to fix it to make money or prepare it for the biggest shock of its life, doubling in size!

The 1-day business health check will provide you with a Blueprint for Success

We will review the whole business including - layout, range, service, pricing, margin, marketing, routines, cash management, buying, training, equipment, ergonomics, customer flow, signage & display

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The Success Blueprint will cover the following

The Visit

  • A pre-visit questionnaire
  • A Full Day spent with you and your team in your business
  • P&L Review
  • Operations Efficiency review
  • Routines and processes audit
  • Compliance Review
  • Quality Review
  • Social Media Review
  • Supply chain price analysis

The Result

  • A Full report on Business Health and future opportunities
  • Summary of 5 Key Issues to make a difference Now
  • Ready to go action plan
  • Suppliers pricing report
  • Revisit or team meetings can be arranged
  • Monthly follow-up calls for 6 months