>An Important Message for all coffee shop and cafe owners who need more customers

COGGS - The Coffee Shop Owners Guest Getting System

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  • Designed for Coffee Shops

    Everything that has worked and is currently working in our own coffee shop to get new guests.

  • Video Tutorials

    Easy to follow – simple to implement. Lots of short 15 – 30 minute videos that take you by the hand and show you how to get more customers and keep them coming back

  • Tools & Resources

    Available 24/7 – Fits around your working day, so you get the best advantage of all these tools. Can be implemented by your team.

  • Facebook Group

    Exclusive access to the community with peer to peer support and sharing of ideas

  • Support & 1:1 mentoring through the cafe success Academy*

    *You have the option to work with us more closely to realise your goals faster

  • Guaranteed to Get You More Guests Quickly and Cheaply

    Unique and Innovative – Created especially for Coffee Shops and Cafés – Proven to work

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COGGS - The Coffee Shop Owners Guest Getting System