Now is the time to prepare for the relaunch your coffee business, refreshed and reinvented for the post COVID-19 era.

It’s tough times for everyone. However, we are looking for some positives in all the negatives and have developed a 10-point COVID-19 recovery program to support you. We recorded a series of videos to take you through each of the 10 steps we work on in our MASTERCLASS COVID-19 Recovery Program

The fourth step of our 10 point COVID-19 Recovery plan is to look at your PEOPLE

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The alternative is to open as you closed, like a dusty time capsule from a past era. Over the last few weeks the world has changed, you have changed, your guests have changed, your business needs to change to thrive in this new reality.

The Cafe Success 10 point program will take you on a journey to reinvent your business, we will work with you personally through our live masterclass sessions then support you for a full 12 months.

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4 People

Probably the biggest shock to someone opening a coffee shop for the first time is managing the team. Then something that we hear time and time again is how to recruit & retain the best people.

This, of course, starts with you, your vision, values, and how they show in the day-to-day.

The best staff can walk into any hospitality business and get a job, so they have the nuclear option of walking away if they don't feel valued and respected. 

Millennial's especially never expect a job for life and would prefer flexibility and the choice of extended leave to travel over a career path.

 Our advice is to look at yourself first, do the values and beliefs of your business match those you want to attract?

Do you have clear guidelines in place for what is expected of your team, on each shift or role?

Do you have clear job descriptions, roles and responsibilities and do you sit down regularly with the team individually and collectively.

How do you recruit your team, what do you look for? 

Have you analyzed what makes your best people tick? 

How can you use these traits to look for more of the same? 

How do you bring onboard new people, the first few weeks are the most important in a team member life, and a poor onboarding will increase staff turnover.

Finally, are you paying and rewarding your peoples' performance well enough to allow them to enjoy their life outside of your business?

WATCH THE FULL 10 STEPS VIDEOclick this link

You have a once in a lifetime opportunity to reset and reinvent your business, to come out stronger.

Join our Recovery program, and with our support, you will learn the secrets of developing the business you want in double-quick time.

It's a real no brainer, with a no-quibble money-back guarantee, we guarantee to add at least 5% to your bottom line, think about that for a minute, you get our brains, your business, for a year and the net benefit will outweigh the cost at least 10x over.

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