Now is the time to prepare for the relaunch your coffee business, refreshed and reinvented for the post COVID-19 era.

It’s tough times for everyone. However, we are looking for some positives in all the negatives and have developed a 10-point COVID-19 recovery program to support you. We recorded a series of videos to take you through each of the 10 steps we work on in our MASTERCLASS COVID-19 Recovery Program

The SEVENTH step of our 10 point COVID-19 Recovery plan is to look at your CASH

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The alternative is to open as you closed, like a dusty time capsule from a past era. Over the last few weeks the world has changed, you have changed, your guests have changed, your business needs to change to thrive in this new reality.

The Cafe Success 10 point program will take you on a journey to reinvent your business, we will work with you personally through our live masterclass sessions then support you for a full 12 months.

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7 Cash

Your till can uncover a multitude of sins, it can tell you who is upselling, who is making mistakes, and who might be less than honest. 

When was the last time you looked at an operator audit report? 

Every till system will be able to give you the information you need, you just need to be able to put it in a readable form. 

  • Take 3 months and compare the average sale per guest, the number of voids, refunds, error corrects per operator, and the results will jump out at you.
  • How is your cash flow forecaster? - Or do you even have one?  
  • Your sales will occur before we need to pay bills making cash flow look good. 
  • All of the big bills we pay are monthly or quarterly, so knowing when the significant demands on cash will occur will give you early warning of problems.
  • Can I buy that new piece of equipment, can I give myself a little more this month?
  • well that's impossible to do with confidence without a cash flow forecaster 
  • Have you included everything on there and is it up to date.

We would not be here today talking to you unless we had a robust process for forecasting our bank balance months ahead. 

There is nothing more worrying for suppliers or embarrassing for you than having a bounced payment. 

It wastes your time sorting things out and reduces the confidence of your supplier partner & your team, in you, 

it may even reduce your credit limit or payment terms.

We once rang our milkman from a holiday in Florida to tell them a payment would be 2 days late. We had forgotten to arrange it while away, he was flabbergasted. Still, it cemented our commercial relationship even more.

Talking about suppliers, what process do you have to check the prices you are being charged are the ones you agreed? 

A few pennies here and there add up to hundreds a month, 

we had a system that did it for us, and when we challenged our suppliers, we always got the credit. 

What's your process for checking deliveries as well, it's impossible for suppliers to get deliveries 100% accurate and there will always be credits needed to be issued, 

if you don't ask for them, you won't get them, and if you don't chase them you may lose them, it was many hundreds of £ per month for us with 3 sites.

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You have a once in a lifetime opportunity to reset and reinvent your business, to come out stronger.

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