Now is the time to prepare for the relaunch your coffee business, refreshed and reinvented for the post COVID-19 era.

It’s tough times for everyone. However, we are looking for some positives in all the negatives and have developed a 10-point COVID-19 recovery program to support you. We recorded a series of videos to take you through each of the 10 steps we work on in our MASTERCLASS COVID-19 Recovery Program

The EIGTH step of our 10 point COVID-19 Recovery plan is to look at your MARKETING

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The alternative is to open as you closed, like a dusty time capsule from a past era. Over the last few weeks the world has changed, you have changed, your guests have changed, your business needs to change to thrive in this new reality.

The Cafe Success 10 point program will take you on a journey to reinvent your business, we will work with you personally through our live masterclass sessions then support you for a full 12 months.

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8 Marketing

One of the most significant advantages an independent coffee shop or café has over the big chains is its connection with its local community. 

How are you making the best of this? Would you be confident that every local business would recommend you to their clients if asked

Try this out when things get back to normal. Walk into all the local shops, garages, hairdressers, travel agents and estate agents (realtors as you call them in the states) with a tray of freshly baked cookies/ muffins and give them out. Talk to them about yourself and your business and invite them over for a free coffee. You can guarantee they will be talking about you more in the future to their own clients, and recommending you when asked.

How compelling is your social media? Is it the same photo every week, or worse once a month? 

If you don't get enough time, then delegate it to a member of your team. 

Regular posts with scrolling stopping images and videos are the only way to win, building you a loyal following. 

Our own Facebook Live videos were the stuff of legend. We would do weather forecasts, review local farmers markets, give local traffic updates, promote local events, and report on strange things – even cloud formations. Every time it was a way to get people's attention, remind them they enjoyed visiting us as well as alerting them to our existence in the first place. 

People say to us - they don't like doing videos, they are afraid they will make a fool of themselves. 

Well, they need to get over themselves because that's what they look and sound like to everyone else anyway! And all social media channels prioritize video content.

How many local charities, schools and clubs do you support? 

Our business was famous for its support of the local community, and the community paid us back by supporting and recommending us. 

The queue around the block every Saturday morning was a testament to our relationship with the local park run. So much so when our competitors tried to poach them, it made them mad and even more loyal to us!

While you are at it build a relationship with the local radio station and newspapers, let them know what you are up to. You will be amazed at the free PR you can generate.

WATCH THE FULL 10 STEPS VIDEOclick this link

You have a once in a lifetime opportunity to reset and reinvent your business, to come out stronger.

Join our Recovery program, and with our support, you will learn the secrets of developing the business you want in double-quick time.

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