Didn't see the email

This week the press has been filled with the news that one of the most high-profile sports stars in the world had failed a drugs test. Maria Sharapova tested positive for a newly banned drug whilst competing at the Australian Open earlier this year.

Sharapova’s defence is simply that she had been taking the medication for years and that she missed the email! It does sound incredible that a tennis player ranked number 7 in the world, who has won 5 Grand Slam tournaments would make such a catastrophic mistake and, of course, it’s no real defence.

In any business, particularly an Independent one like a coffee bar, it can be difficult to keep up with the changing legislation around you, and just as easy to get caught out.

Lost Millions

Sharapova has lost millions in sponsorship and faces suspension in her sport but could your business ride a storm like this?

There have been many recent changes in the UK, with auto-enrolment pension legislation, the introduction of the living wage, and allergen legislation to name but a few. But do you know what’s changed where you operate?

How does the Independent coffee shop owner stay on the right side of the changes?

One way is to sign up to a trade body or a legal services firm who will be on hand to give you up to date advice.

By having good systems and processes in place you can ensure that essential renewals such as premises insurance, music licences and tax payments are never missed. Also being aware of the need for a change of permission etc if you change your menu to include alcohol or  restaurant style food for example.

Company Year End submissions and payroll, ensuring your team pay the correct tax and pension contributions and ensuring your team have the right to work in your country.

Food hygiene, health and safety compliance, safe working procedures and risk assessment.

The list goes on and continues to grow, whatever you do remember a Sharapova style defence will never work!


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