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Coffee Shops and Caf├ęs Partnerships

If you are like us, then your new year's resolution for 2018 will be to get more customers. You are eligible for free advertising direct to over 56% of your local households - no catch, no cost, no ongoing work.



Free to Join

There is no catch, there is no commission like Groupon, there is no cost to you, apart from providing the deal, and there is nothing for you to do after the initial set up, you can even pre-plan your offers for the whole year, you are in total control.

Steady stream of new guests

One of the biggest issues for you is that even your loyal customers; move house, move jobs, get attracted to the shiny new coffee bar across the road or die! You know new guests are your lifeblood, without them your coffee shop or cafe will wither away and close.



Motivate green behaviour in your local area, and get new customers


How much does it cost to join?

Nothing, the only cost to you is the reward to provide. You can chose the value of this reward as well as any conditions you want to include for redemption. Every reward you provide should generate you extra profit

What type of deal works best?

The offer can be a straight discount like 20% off, or a free item such as a coffee, or a conditional free item like a free muffin when you by a hot drink. You will have total control of the deal you provide, and you can change it at any time. Naturally the better the offer the higher the redemption.

Can I change the deal?

You can change the offer to match the seasons or control how many times someone can take the offer up.

Can people abuse the system?

You are in total control and can limit the amount of times a voucher can be redeemed.

Will it attract the wrong type of customers?

A great offer will attract new people to your coffee business, these people will be influenced by the style of business before redeeming a voucher, so it’s unlikely that you will get the wrong type of customer.

How do I manage the rewards at the till?

Each customer will get a personalised voucher sent to them which they will give you at the till.

I'm worried it will swamp me with new customers.

The scheme will take a while to build and the level of redemption will grow steadily. You can alter or stop an offer at any time, but we think that you won’t want to!

Will I get good PR?

Yes, you are able to use the logos and associate your business with Greenredeem. Many of the partners have received great press, radio and TV coverage.

This all sounds too good to be true?

The scheme is a win, win, win!

A win for you as you get more customers, a win for your new customers as they get a great deal and a win for the environment.

Am I tied in for a long contract?

No – there is no minimum time commitment

Will I see more customers?

Yes, you will get new customers and its been proven that they will also spend more per visit.

OK - How do I become a partner?

All you need to do is to register using the buttons o this page and we will be in touch. If you want us to visit you then that will be fine otherwise we can do most things over the phone.

It's a win for your customers, a win for you, a win for the environment

No minimum contract, No cost to join, Promote your business for free

The beauty of this is that it works with complementary businesses to change peoples behaviour by offering them incentives, in total alignment with current environmental issues.

  • Tamra Gray - Cattlegrid Restaurant
    Tamra Gray - Cattlegrid Restaurant - The scheme has been the most successful thing we have done to get new customers through our doors
  • Andrew & Claire Bowen - Java&Co
    Andrew & Claire Bowen - Java&Co - We joined the scheme a few years ago, it sent us new guests on autopilot. It's entirely automatic and free to be a part of. They gave us free advertising to over 56% of the homes in our area. It cost us nothing to run, and we were proud to be involved. The majority of these new guests soon became our regulars.

To become a founding partner in your area, get a head start for 2018 and to find out more please click here to register your interest.

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Register your interest, the timescales are tight so the first to register will be the first to be contacted

We value your privacy and never share details