Watch my 'Virtual' Keynote at CafeExpo 2020

We were due to speak at CafeExpo2020 recently and, you guessed, the event went online so we here are the recordings of my keynote on the 7 ways coffee shops and cafes will thrive and not just survive in a post COVID environment.

With an ever changing set of rules it's tough for coffee shop and cafes to navigate their way through at the moment. Independents  have embedded themselves into local communities more than ever over the last year. 

I share some key opportunities to work on that will give you the edge against the faceless chains.

Location is more important than ever
Being flexible with your menu, hours, staffing and reacting to local needs fast 
Delivering great Value is not just about price
Harnessing the power of technology to give you the edge, ordering apps, online shops and email marketing
Small is no longer beautiful, outside space is at a premium
Social media is even more important that pre Covid
Speed and efficiency will be the secret to success

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