How much does it cost to open a coffee shop or cafe?

The question we get asked the most is 'How much will it cost to open a coffee shop or cafe?'

We put this questionnaire together to give you a personalized estimate of the costs involved, just answer the following 9 questions.

We will email you the estimate,

Claire & Andrew

Your style and vision for your coffee shop will affect the costs, so what best describes your concept?
Project management - who will look after the design and build?
How many covers?
How ready is the unit you plan to take over? Tick as many as you think.
What is your food menu going to be like?
What are the legal costs - Is it a simple transaction or more complicated. EG Property lawyers, commercial lawyers, tax or duty?
What type of Coffee Machine and Grinder are you planning to use?
Will you serve alcohol?
Be aware that there will be added costs for licenses and the design may need to be modified to meet the terms of the license.
Are there any other costs you would like to understand or we have not covered?

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Finally - what stage are you at with your coffee shop or cafe plans?

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