How much does it cost to open a coffee shop or cafe?

The question we get asked the most is 'How much will it cost to open a coffee shop or cafe?'

Often we heard ourselves saying, 'it depends' which is not the answer you were looking for!  When we get into the conversation through asking a few questions about the type of business and the location you are opening we could always give you a pretty good idea of the costs involved.

Because we can't speak to everyone individually we thought 'how can we give you an idea of how much it will cost even if you dont meet us in person?' So we went about creating this tool that will give you a personalized estimate of the costs involved, all you need to do is answer the nine questions.

We will then send you an email with our costs estimate, so first, where would you like us to send the figures to?

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Your style and vision for your coffee shop will affect the costs.

The more you do yourself the less it will cost in the first place. Getting experts involved will cost more but potentially save you a lot more down the line. The choice is yours, so from the list below what best descibes your plans and you budget?

Project management - who will look after the design and build?

One of the first things to consider is the design. Getting help at this stage can be the difference between success and failure. If you have a good eye for design and are happy to take on the overall project management, then the cost will be lower.

A designer should be able to produce a visual interpretation of your ideas as well as detailed plans that include plumbing, electrics and ventilation that you can use to get cost estimates for construction.
Engaging a project manager will reduce the stress of dealing with contractors and tradespeople!
So what do you plan to do?

How many covers?

How much seating you will have will affect the cost of fit out, the less space there is the less the cost. Too small though and you may struggle to cover your costs, too big and you will have to spand more getting the feel of the place right.

How ready is the unit you plan to take over? Tick as many as you think.

The readiness of a unit for conversion to a cafe or coffee shop can have a significant impact on the amount you need to spend to open. 
If the unit has been used as a cafe or restaurant before finding out why it closed is critical. There are lots of this type of location that last less than two years, and these are unlikely to be a great success in the future!

What is your food menu going to be like?

It may seem obvious, but a more complex menu will need a more complex and potentially a bigger kitchen. 
A small snack menu is the easiest and fastest to prepare, with less equipment. This may be less attractive to your guests, and you will need to buy more in.
A full restaurant style kitchen will enable you to offer a broader range of food and increase your margins.

What are the legal costs?

Is it a simple transaction or more complicated. EG Property lawyers, commercial lawyers, tax or duty?
If you have never completed a commercial transaction before you will be frightened by the costs involved, but saving money here is not recommended.

What type of Coffee Machine and Grinder are you planning to use?

The choice of machine is important if you are a speciality coffee shop, when only a top end machine will do. If you are opening a cafe of general coffee shop then reliability is the key to success.

Will you serve alcohol?

Be aware that there will be added costs for licenses and the design may need to be modified to meet the terms of the license.

Are there any other costs you would like to understand or we have not covered?

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What stage are you at with your coffee shop or cafe plans?

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