Saving Money Taking Payments

Tips to keep the cost of your payments down

Taking Payments Is A Creeping Hidden Cost

Processing your cash and card payments can come as a bit of a shock to the new cafe owner, lots of cash and lots of small payments via cards, adds up to a few hundred £/$ a month in transaction fees.

Here are a few things you can do to reduce these costs.


  • Pay suppliers and staff in cash where possible.
  • Find a bank with free banking.
  • Offer 'Cash Back' with debit card transactions.


  • Shop around for your card processing provider, don't use your own banks service without checking the cost v other providers.
  • Join a buying group or association who get volume discounts for their members e.g. Federation of Small Businesses FSB.
  • Use Contactless payments wherever possible as this is cheaper.
  • Offer 'Cash Back' with debit card transactions.
  • Restrict the cards you accept to exclude the really expensive cards, your provider will give you this information.