Your Customer Avatar

Your Customer Avatar - an icon or figure representing a particular person in your business

This  is arguably the most important thing you need to do before you spend a penny on marketing, range development and staff training.

Spend some time identifying who your 5 top types of customer are or who you want those customers to be, put yourself in their shoes, what do they want and need to become a raving fan and tell the world what a great business you are.

Give them a name, visualise them, work out how valuable they are to you, how much they spend, the frequency of visits and work out how much you would spend on marketing to get a customer like this.

Match your offer to the Avatars you want to attract.

When you get you 3  or 6 Avatars in your sights then decide which ones you want to attract more of, think about how much they spend and how frequently they visit and if they match your overall business aims.

Start thinking like them, and adding things to your business that will attract them, eg if you want lots of young mums then think what they would like more of in your cafe, help to a table, high chairs, baby changing facilities, bottle warming etc...