How you can use Twitter to create customer who will advertise for you..

Twitter can be a great friend of the Coffee Shop owner if used correctly.

Set up a separate account for your business, make sure that the images are correctly sized as per the guide you will find on twitter otherwise they will not display properly on people's screens.

You see this a lot where the brand is let down by a poor picture or logo. Tweet regularly, a few times a day at least, the life of a tweet on a timeline is about 20s seconds.

Follow local people, groups and events and brands you stock. Look to follow accounts with lots of followers  who are active.

When you tweet mention these local people, events, groups as well as a location Use  #Hash tags - you will see what #hash tags are trending as twitter will suggest them. If there is an event locally organisers normally have a # so use that.

Mention people or organisations in your tweets using their twitter name @joebloggs, Joe Bloggs will get a notification and often retweet Ask for a retweet 'plsRT ' you will be amazed how many times you are retweeted Always like and or retweet tweets you have been mentioned in.

Set up lists to filter out people, name the list carefully as the person you add will get notified. So if you put someone on a list called my 'favourite people' or something else flattering they are more likely to follow you back.

Other people's lists are a good way to identify influential accounts that you can follow and mention as well.

Take photos and tweet, you can link to Instagram to have very arty pictures that get viewed a lot. Tell your customers you are on Twitter by good use of signage and on your website etc Last thing like us @cafesuccesshub