How you can use YouTube in your Coffee Shop to get more customers...

YouTube is the second most popular search engine...

You will have a much better chance of being found online if your coffee shop has a YouTube channel that is correctly set up.

You need to link it to your Google+ places page and it will show up in searches more often.

Short fun videos of the team or your products or events work well.

You should always upload the video to facebook separately rather than just a link from YouTube though as facebook will reward you with greater exposure if they have what they call native content, ie content that is directly uploaded to them rather than shared from other sites.

Always check the closed captions on the YouTube video, as YouTube will automatically subtitle your video with what it thinks you are saying, you can ensure that there are your words with your message rather than a computer generated one.

You can also edit the video in YouTube itself to add buttons and type to the video yourself