It's not about the price....

If you are a coffee shop or cafe owner/manager then you may be thinking that the only way to get through the next few years is to keep your prices the same or even lower. You would be wrong; it's about the value you give people in exchange for their cash.

Let us introduce you to The Veblen Effect, the reason people want to buy something when it is deemed expensive, or exclusive.

 It's been scientifically proven that a higher price can increase enjoyment. The part of the brain that experiences pleasure becomes more active; it's why so many of us crave a premium brand product.

 Queens of Mayfair recently sold the most expensive cup of coffee in the UK at £50 per cup. There was only enough roasted for 15 cups.

Victoria Sheppard, of Queens of Mayfair, said that they take great pride offering "the finest produce throughout our menu at Queens of Mayfair".

"To have such a rare and highly sought after coffee to offer true connoisseurs highlights the standards we are aiming for".

 When a menu item is unique to you, price comparison is difficult so the more unique to you, only available here, items you sell, the better.

 Here are some ideas to add value to your business:

Latte Art - the experts, know that latte art does not automatically mean great coffee. Still, it is used as a marker by most of our guests, so upping your game here is a no brainer.

Heavier cutlery is associated with better quality. Combine that with choosing the right colour, size and design of plates means you can elevate the enjoyment of your guests through a relatively small investment.
Selling glass bottled drinks rather than cans then serving them in a glass with ice, and perhaps a slice of lemon will make the drink taste better.
A cup of tea served in a teapot with a cup and saucer is worth a lot more than a teabag in a mug.
Using good adjectives on your menu. 'Grandmas recipe, delicious freshly baked sumptuous chocolate gateau' will taste better and sell for more than plain old 'chocolate cake'.
Create 'Dish Envy', the feeling you get when you see something at another table you wish you had ordered. Presentation is everything; people buy with their eyes, you want them to audibly gasp and rush to Insta' when it arrives at their table..

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