If you are like us, then your new year’s resolution for 2018 will be to get more customers. You know that more customers equal more sales and more profit left for you.

Attracting new guests through your door can be difficult and costly. If you have only been open a short time, then people don’t know about you, and if you have been open a while, then people may have forgotten about how good you are.

We know this from personal experience, having owned a small chain of independent coffee shops and speaking to hundreds of other coffee shop owners through our consulting business, Cafe Success.

One of the biggest issues for you is that even your loyal customers; move house, move jobs, get attracted to the shiny new coffee bar across the road or die. You know new guests are your lifeblood, without them your coffee shop or cafe will wither away and close.

We found a partner a few years ago that sent us new guests on autopilot. It’s entirely automatic and free to be a part of.

They gave us free advertising to over 56% of the homes in our area. It cost us nothing to run, and we were proud to be involved.

The majority of these new guests soon became our regulars.

Over the course of a year, we saw over 500 new guests walk through our door. At best that gave us 500 opportunities to make them a loyal customer, at worst we still made extra profit from those single transactions.

Soon over 610,000 people in London will get a chance to join the scheme in Feb 2018, and we are looking for local independent coffee shops and cafes to become partners. All you need to do to be part of the launch is to provide a great offer.

That offer can be a straight discount like 20% off, or a free item such as a coffee, or a conditional free item like a free muffin when you by a hot drink. You will have total control of the deal you provide, and you can change it at any time. Naturally the better the offer the higher the redemption. You can change the offer to match the seasons or control how many times someone can take the offer up.

There is no catch, there is no commission like Groupon, there is no cost to you, apart from providing the deal, and there is nothing for you to do after the initial set up, you can even pre-plan your offers for the whole year, you are in total control.

The beauty of all this is that they work with complementary businesses to change peoples behaviour by offering them incentives, in total alignment with current environmental issues.

Greenredeem are working with a major utility provider to reduce wastage in 11 London Boroughs and are looking for Coffee Shop and Café partners to provide small rewards to incentivise this behaviour.

Over 203,000 households will be able to join and benefit by taking everyday green actions. Residents who register will get rewarded points that they will be able to exchange for treats and offers at participating coffee shops.

Greenredeem does all the work for the businesses and actively promote them to ther members of the scheme.

It’s a win for the coffee shop, its a win for the customers and a win for the environment.

It’s an effortless way for savvy coffee shop or cafe owners to get new guests through their door and support environmental issues as well.

Because of their personal experience the reward scheme, Andrew & Claire Bowen, Authors of the best selling book, ‘The Daily Grind – how to open and run a coffee shop that makes money’ have been asked to recruit the new partners to the scheme

Claire Bowen, said ‘ for us becoming a partner was a no-brainer, it was free and simple and it brought us new guests through our door who may have never found out about us otherwise.’

For the Coffee Shop, the scheme is free to join, with no commission and no long contract.

To become a founding partner in your area, get a head start for 2018 and to find out more here https://cafesuccesshub.com/gr