Menu Makeover...LIVE

We support Independent Coffee Shops and Cafe's with maximising their menu. 

Working with them to analyse their current menus and develop new more profitable ones using our proven menu maximisation techniques.

Most menus fall into three styles, the handwritten blackboard type, ones produced on word, and then the more expensive to produce and change that are done by a graphic designer. 

Every menu we have ever looked at is leaving 'money on the table' for every day of it's existence because it is written as a list of things you sell rather than a sales brochure for your dishes.

Recently in our Private Facebook Group for Independent Coffee Shops and Cafes we had a few volunteers who submitted their menus, for our 'Menu Makeover' here is the recording of that live session. 

Most coffee shop and cafe owners are always on the lookout for ways to make more money. Our menu makeover service is guaranteed to pay for itself, in fact its self funding.


Menu Makeover

A well designed menu is worth many 1000's in sales, so many of the menus we encounter are costing their owners money for every minute they open.

We are experts in coffee shop and cafe menu design, and have never seen a menu that could not be improved.

Book a menu critique or tear down below and start maximising today.

Menu Boost

Critique your current menu, and ways to increase sales and profit

Immediate slots available

Profit opportunities
Pricing postioning analysis 
Layout and Hotspots
Live over Zoom
Send over your menus before the session

Menu Tear Down & Rebuild

The complete solution that will generate extra sales and profit from your menu

The  most popular

Product profitability 
Design, Layout and Hotspots
Dog & Star Analysis
Day Parts Tuning
Menu Balance 
Taste Balancing
A menu that works
Live Over Zoom & Email
Send in your Sales & Margin reports 

Self funding Value Guarantee -  your profit > the cost   

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What people say about Menu Makeover

This was really useful, thank you for reviewing our menu . We paid a reasonable amount of money to have our menu designed so your feedback was very informative from the design perspective too. Many thanks. I saved the video and will watch many times I’m sure

Cath Pheasey

Milk Bar

 Thank you it has really helped me focus. My daughter constantly tells me I am underselling myself and you are right I need to have more confidence. I fell into the trap a little of letting customers dictate what we should sell when we took over the cafe (naive and lack.of experience) instead of having the confidence to take risks and establish our own identity with the menu ... hence why it became so big but you are right.  I am going to take all your pointers and spend the next few weeks working on those and hopefully moving forward - many thanks!

Tracy Taylor-Wood

Cosy Cafe