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A fully balanced attractive menu is responsible for driving your profit. We have yet to find a menu that we can't improve

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What people say about Menu Makeover

This was really useful, thank you for reviewing our menu . We paid a reasonable amount of money to have our menu designed so your feedback was very informative from the design perspective too. Many thanks. I saved the video and will watch many times I’m sure

Cath Pheasey

Milk Bar

 Thank you it has really helped me focus. My daughter constantly tells me I am underselling myself and you are right I need to have more confidence. I fell into the trap a little of letting customers dictate what we should sell when we took over the cafe (naive and lack.of experience) instead of having the confidence to take risks and establish our own identity with the menu ... hence why it became so big but you are right.  I am going to take all your pointers and spend the next few weeks working on those and hopefully moving forward - many thanks!

Tracy Taylor-Wood

Cosy Cafe

*Our 7 P's for Success:


We work with you to develop 100% clarity for your new coffee business.


Selecting your location and dealing with landlords is a difficult time, and choosing the best location is a science. Our extensive experience will ensure you have the knowledge and skill to get the best site.


A properly balanced menu is vital to your success, it's one of the main reasons new coffee shops and cafés fail to deliver their full potential profit to their owners.


Attracting and selecting the right people is always something first time owners struggle with, getting this right through your working culture will ensure your have success and a day off!


You will get off to a flying start with everything you need to have raving fans before you open.


From the coffee machine to stirrers, you will make the right decisions from multiple options and build relationships with your suppliers.

Pass it on

There will become time when you will want to expand or sell. Ensuring these events are planned for from day 1 is important for the long term value of your business.

Coffee Shop and Cafe Menu Design

If you run a coffee shop, then you will be acutely aware of the price rises that are impacting you.

Every day the newspapers are full of the effects of COVID; the fall in the value of the pound, the increase in business rates, the shortage of vegetables, the rising price of milk. Unless you find a way to pass these costs on to your customers or operate your business more efficiently, then very soon you will no longer have a profitable business left, but instead, you'll be running a charity.

Deciding what prices to charge can be a minefield, you may feel that you don't want to charge too much because it will put customers off, while on the other hand unless you charge enough to make a profit your business will not be around for much longer.

The irrefutable fact is that as an independent coffee shop it is impossible for you to compete on price by charging less than the big chains. They have got greater economies of scale and a more efficient supply chain that makes it impossible for you to charge less than them.

The truth is your customers don't want you to be cheaper they want you to be better.

How to set your prices in your coffee shop or cafe

They want to know that they are supporting a local independent business and pride themselves on the fact that the money they spend with you stays local.

So how do you go about setting your prices to ensure that your business is profitable?

There are many things you need to do, but the very first one is to work out exactly what each product costs you to make, without this costing exercise you will be working in the dark. Don't forget to include the cost of packaging in your calculations.

The next step would be to set a target margin percentage for each product group and do some competitor research.

To be able to charge more than your competitors whether they are the big chains or Great local independents you need to be able to justify this in the minds of your consumers. Each one of your products should ideally have a tangible benefit or what we call a + 1.

For something to be perceived as being better value without being cheaper it needs to; taste better, look better, be served better or be served in a nicer environment, these elements can all your +1.

Your objective should be to ensure that everything you sell has built in added value. There are certain things that the consumer has a high awareness of price, and these are called known value items and coffee is one of those items. The secret to being able to charge more is to differentiate your product sufficiently from the run-of-the-mill known value items.

One way you can do this is by having an excellent description as the name for your product rather than having the ingredient list. You should give your products names, for instances McDonald's Number one selling product is not a burger in a bun it is the Big Mac, the best-selling stout beer in the world is Guinness.

Appetising descriptions can differentiate and enhance the product themselves and lead to a 30% increase in sales.
For example, which would you prefer to buy? Chocolate cake or Grandma's traditional recipe chocolate cake?

Some other psychological things to be aware of when you're displaying prices:

  • Don't show a currency sign in front of the price, as it gets the customer to think about money
  • Use 99p rather than 95p or 89p as there is no perceived difference.
  • Use a smaller font than the description for the price
  • Prices with fewer syllables seem cheaper
  • Prices should be at the end of the description not in a line down the page
  • Use highlights and boxes to sell more of the higher margin items
  • The top right of a menu is the most read, and the bottom is the least looked at
  • Include some higher priced items to make the rest of the menu look better value; these are called decoy lines
  • Keep your menu uncluttered and easy to read

These principles work as well on a wall hung menu board as a more restaurant style menu.

A lot of the big chains keep their menus simple, often not displaying everything they sell and as such focusing sales on their more profitable or seasonal lines.

As an independent operator don't be embarrassed about putting up your prices and think that customers will stop coming, be bold maximise your profit, and start reinvesting in your business to keep it ahead of your competition.

When you want help with your menu we can fix it...

"Andrew and Claire were a crucial part in my decision in opening my first site, I met them coincidentally (or by fate) about six months before I opened brew | twenty three.

They shared their knowledge, passion and advice with me as if they were opening their own site - they both genuinely cared (and still do). They continued to go above and beyond, responded to all my questions and gave me so many points to consider that I wouldn't have thought of.

I was extremely clear on my vision of brew | twenty three and Andrew and Claire never lost sight of that for me and adapted their processes tailored to my business.

 Andrew and Claire are two of the most genuine, caring, patient and calming people I have worked with and I would recommend them to anyone opening (or thinking of opening) their own shop, no matter their vision. 

Brew Twenty Three Birminham - business plan for cafe

Dayna Winter

brew | twenty three - Birmingham UK

" My Wife and Business partner and I  had an idea - to open a coffee shop but we had NO idea on where to start.  Most people gave advice but it was not solid - it was based on a narrow perspective of what to do - there are really no guides for this kind of thing until we came across "The Daily grind" which established a step by step guide on what to do and think about - what is even more valuable is the ability to talk to Andrew and Claire about more specific details - the book is great but doesnt talk back - Andrew and Claire can.  

They tailored their advice to our specific needs and their expertise covers a broad array from menus to social media.  We have grown in the last 2 years and attribute that to the great advice obtained from Andrew and Claire and as we continue to grow they will be part of our plan.  

Don't reinvent the wheel - learn from those that have already done it - that's Andrew and Claire."

Los Dos Christianos coffee shop Florida

Christian & Danielle Mortimore 

Los Dos Cristianos - Florida USA

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