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To Maximise the PROFIT through your Menu

Once open your menu has the largest impact on your profitability

A balanced well designed menu is at the heart of every successful café & coffee Shop  

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Menu Profit Boost for Estabished Coffee Shops and Cafe*

A fully balanced attractive menu is responsible for driving your profit. We have yet to find a menu that we can't improve

Menu Boost

Critique your written menu and deliver a profit maximisation action plan

Immediate slots available

Live over Zoom
Written Summary of profit opportunties 
Pricing review
Profit review
Menu Balance analysis
Day Parts 
Food Intollerances and allergens
Send us your menus and photos of your business

Pay for itself guarantee - 
make at least 4x in the first year or your money back!

Menu Teardown and Rebuild

A detailed menu teardown and rebuild to deliver a profit driven balanced & attractive menu

Work through the detail over a month

Live over Zoom
Direct Product Profitability analysis 
Dog and Star Analysis
Optimised for Day Parts
Built for your Guest Profiles
Name and description developement 
Positioning and highlighting 
Food intollerance and allergens
You need to be able to provide us with recent sales and margin reports

Pay for itself guarantee - 
make at least 4x in the first year or your money back!

7 P's* Profit Consulting

A full 1 year's  of personal coaching to maximise every aspect of your café or coffee shop business.
Get ready to expand or sell

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