Need a Barista launch in London

We caught up with Alex from to talk about how he is working with coffee shop and cafe owners to reduce the stress of covering missing Barista shifts.

need a Barista

After years of working in cafes in Melbourne, New York, and wherever Alex and his business partner Steffan found themselves, the one constant we recognised was that cafes needed a way to quickly book high quality, accredited staff at short notice. 

The old agencies didn’t solve the headache that was rostering. They were super expensive, or more importantly, they just didn’t provide the quality of staff required. So, Need a Barista was born! 

Since its start in Melbourne, Australia, they've saved the day for cafe owners over 20,000 times, providing genuine, high quality experienced baristas to many of the highest profile cafes, restaurants, and venues, ensuring they serve impeccable coffee to their customers. We make sure every barista on our service is the kind of person we’d want walking into a cafe we own. Simple.  

Now, we're excited about the launch of Need a Barista in London, and the opportunity they hace to support the amazing businesses that makeup the UK coffee scene. 

We love that they get to spend their days connecting amazing local baristas with the cafes in their city that they love.