innate foods

Innate Foods

So it started out with Elsa as a teenager feeling incredible weak and in poor health, the doctors proclaimed she was fine and so she set about my own explorations, starting with a complete renovation of her diet.

This basically involved her paying great attention to what she felt like eating and developing a strong intuition around what food was 'innately' serving her. As a result she felt better and stronger

From this, she developed a deep fascination about the human relationship with food and why we were consistently making these terrible decisions that lead us further and further away from our naturally intended state and into one of degenerative diseases and multifaceted depression untold.

Elsa began to explore why she thought this was. She felt like it came down to people wanting and coming to expect an incredible sensory euphoric moment of blissful escapism from snack food - and prioritising this over a more virtuous decision. As the two qualities were pretty much unknown to coexist in one product she set about trying to create some!

The products came to her one morning - it just seemed right to combine amazing ingredients and utilise a gentle production method in which to achieve something of remarkable nutritional balance, flavour, sustaining energy and of no health compromising ingredients or production methods.

In essence - food that would comply with our innate requirements as a human - serving rather than destroying us.

Thus the 'Innate squares' were born!

Tess soon joined her and here and the Innate Journey began!

eat grub

Say hello to EAT GRUB, the most forward thinking food brand in the UK right now.

Started by friends Shami and Neil, EAT GRUB'S passion is to encourage people to embrace insects as a sustainable, nutritious and above all tasty source of food.

Shami first discovered roasted termites while working for a water charity in Malawi. Seeing the excitement of a whole community gathering termites at the beginning of the rainy season and their delicious taste was enough to convince him that introducing edible insects in the UK was worth a go.

Neil comes from a background in TV, working on a variety of food programs and was inspired to begin trying new foods after being diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Being highly nutritious and low in complex fats, insects are great for sufferers of the condition.

After chatting at a party Shami and Neil hatched a plan to break boundaries and shatter Western stigma towards eating insects and EAT GRUB was born.

Starting small with a series of well received pop-ups serving insect-based dishes, EAT GRUB quickly gained media attention and a devoted following. Not wasting any time at all they quickly followed up with a cookbook and range of freeze dried, ready- to-cook insects and are continuing to move forward with their cricket powder energy bars and roasted grub snacks.

EAT GRUB are currently setting out on an exciting next phase, solidifying their brand offer and gearing up to share the joys of this delicious superfood with even more people in the UK.

Honey Berry teas

Honey Berry Freeze Dried Teas – Richard Oliver

Richard has just developed a range of freeze dried teas. He was sampling them using a pipette and conical flask.

He certainly got our attention and the flavours of the different varieties he had brought with him were outstanding. The clarity of the brewed tea is evident in the photo

Richard only just made it to Caffe Culture and the teas are so new they are not even on the website yet





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