The environmental impact of the disposable but not recyclable cup is something that has been in the headlines recently.

The exponential growth of coffee shops and takeaway coffee, in particular, has resulted in billions of paper cups going straight to landfill every year.

There have been many attempts at promoting reusable cups for takeaway over the last few years. All of them have a flaw, their size. They fill up your bag; they won't fit comfortably into a pocket so they soon get left behind and forgotten.

You need something that is ready to spring into action when you have the urge for caffeine.

Pokito is the answer; it really does spring into action when you need it! It's the reusable coffee cup that squishes down to a few centimetres and will fit in your pocket. As well as that its three cups in one and opens up into three different sizes for espresso, 12oz or 16oz drinks.

It's made from the same stuff as babies bottles, so won't taint your drink, unlike some reusable cups, and they are fully dishwasher proof.

Andrew Brooks the British inventor said

“Growing millions of trees to manufacture billions of cups for a few minutes of convenience has to be considered a wasteful and ecologically unsound practice. I do believe there has to be a better way. We can still enjoy our daily indulgence and manage to safeguard the environment for future generations.”

We met Andrew at the recent Lunch exhibition in London where he was officially launching, and fell in love with Pokito immediately; we think that they will sell like hot coffee when they are available in a few weeks time. Andrew is starting a Kickstarter campaign shortly too, so watch out for that in early October 2016. I will post the actual dates here when they are confirmed.

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