Recommended Resources to support your Coffee Shop Business

Web, Suppliers, Apps, Blogs and more...

The Daily Grind - How to open and run a coffee shop that makes money

We are a little proud of this, our own book. Get it on Amazon

Guide to Commercial Leases

From Stuart Darlington, a very comprehensive article

The Perfect Daily Grind

The biggest and best site exploring everything in the speciality coffee sector  Click Here

CoffeeInfo Website

A Great site to use for latte art, recipes and general coffee information Click Here

Great advice on opening a coffee shop or collated in one article Click Here

Coffee Perception Website

A Great site to use for technical coffee information information Click Here

Great Cafes Blog Spot

Daily Updates of quirky cafes and trends in our industry. Subscribing is a good idea!  Click Here

I am your guest

A great reminder for all hospitality businesses - get the poster here

Myra Golden - Blog

Myra Golden is a customer service keynote speaker. She blogs about her everyday service experiences with great insight. Access the blogs here

She has done a great presentation about Disney here

A great way to plan the layout of your Coffee Shop or Cafe  Click Here

WoW Service Presentaion

WoW service training presentation  Click Here

The E-Myth Michael Gerber

The E-Myth Summary  Click Here

Buy it on Amazon

Charles Spence: Multisensory Experience and Coffee

If you find any other great resources you would like to share please add them in the comments box below