Coffee Shop and Cafe Business News Update 27/1/2021

Starbucks First Quarter results

Starbucks reports like-for-like sales down 5% in its First Quarter:

Todays results from Starbucks although the top line is negative has some very interesting trends

Although the top line sales were down 5% they acheived a 19% increase in spend per customer and also opened 278 new stores adding 4% to their global total.

Michelin Green Stars awarded

New green stars were awarded to restaurants showing a responsibility to the environment.

There were 23 restaurants that received the accolade,

Your green credentials have never been so important.

The green debate hotted up in 2019 with Greta, and will be top of the news as the pandemic subsides (hopefully)

The environmental impact of what we sell or use can be measured in so many different ways and the data manipulated so beware of reports that say that its better to use paper cups and another that says china cups are kinder on the environment - read the small print and overlay your specific situation to any analysis

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