What's your story?

Why finding your why is critical to success...

What's the difference between a good coffee shop or cafe or a truly great one that people love?

We have looked at thousands of coffee shops, cafes and businesses in general and something that the best all have in common is a great story.

The founders have been true to their passion and have shared their vision with their teams so their story does not get diluted as the enterprise grows.

Having a passion is only one element of success; passion is nothing without the ability to clearly communicate it to the team and guests alike. This is why the story or your business becomes so important.

People love stories, people love supporting independents and the more they know about your passion and struggles the better.

Understanding your Why, as Simon Sinek, is the beginning of developing your story. It also makes finding a location, choosing a menu, recruiting a team and everything else you need to do so much easier.

The number of coffee shop and cafe that either have nothing personal about the business on their website and do the corporate speak, like 'we strive to serve you the best coffee', which means absolutely nothing, is flabbergasting.

As well a this these businesses miss capitalising on the one big difference between them and the chains, the personal relationship that builds long term loyalty.

We have started putting together some amazing stories from passionate founders that embody the simplicity of sharing your passion through a great story.