Customer Loyalty Scheme for your Tea Room

How to turn regular guests to loyal guests who do your marketing for you!

  • Build Relationship with Loyal Guests

    Loyal guests spend more, visit more and tell others about you

  • Move them through the Customer Love Cycle

    Start with an introduction, then a romance, a marriage and stop any talk of divorce

  • More customers, visiting more and spending more

    Understand your guests better than your competitors

Regular or Loyal?

Ask yourself this question about any relationship. Do I want my partner to be Regular or Loyal?

How to compete with deep pockets of big businesses?

  • Setting up a loyalty programme is not expensive
  • Its simple to run and not time consuming
  • Get to know who your guests are

How can we help?

  • Content managed loyalty scheme
  • Branded to your business & all agreed with you
  • We take the hassle and make you look good
  • Tailored to suit any business development stage

What are the benefits?

  • 70% of Customers visit more often
  • 100% said they would recommend the loyalty scheme to a friend
  • Reward your customers and they will recommend you to their friends
  • The power of staying in touch works.

Extra benefits and integrations

  • Integrates with your website
  • Fully automatic email sequences
  • Survey your customers in minutes

Find out how you can have a great loyalty scheme in 7 days

Get more customers who visit more often and spend more!

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