This week, we met with Tom Dewhurst, Founder & CEO of Ordoo at their offices in Old Street, London. Ordoo is the UKs leading mobile ordering app for coffee shops.

What’s the journey been like at Ordoo?


Ordoo has been a rollercoaster! I wanted to save busy people time by using technology to stop them waiting in line for their coffee by ordering and paying on their phones.
In two years, we’ve been through three names (Ordo/Ordable/Ordoo) and are now in 4 cities. We thought the app would drive new customers to independent cafes and coffee shops, however at the end of last year, we realised that the best customers are the ones who are already regulars at our partner venues and just wanted a better ordering experience.


The data we collect also helps our partners engage with their best customers, so they come back more frequently and bring their friends. This has been a game changer as previously it was almost impossible to communicate to guests outside of the coffee shop.

How does the app work?

We’ve developed the app to do one thing well – mobile ordering! Guests can browse the menu; order exactly what they want, including any customizations; pay with one click, and swing past and pick it up when they want. We’ve even got a re-order feature so customers can order their morning coffee in 3 taps.

What benefits does this platform provide for coffee shops and cafes?

We have automated the notifications based on the customer’s behaviour we are seeing the following benefits:

  • 65% of customers who receive a 30-day inactivity push notification visit again
  • An improved customer visit frequency of 1.2 x per month
  • An Increase in average basket size by 8%

In this increasingly competitive environment, customer experience is becoming the new battleground for hospitality venues. Embracing technology can give your business an edge.

Excellent customer service can turn a bad situation into a good one, and serving customers quickly and efficiently can have them (ironically) lining up for more. Pre-ordering can even remove the need to queue entirely, enabling a seamless walk in-walk out encounter.

38% of customers attribute a good experience with personalisation. You don’t need to collect the life story of everyone who walks through the door, mobile ordering could hold all the data you need. When using the Ordoo app you can greet your customer by name even if you have never met them before. This will blow your customers away!

Surprisingly, 68% of businesses have lost a customer because the customers feel the business is indifferent to them. Ordoo provides the perfect platform to send a little thank you. And not just any thanks – special thanks just for them.

What does the next year have in store for Ordoo?

Independent venues, small and medium sized chains will need this technology, as pioneers Starbucks now do over 8% of their US transactions through their mobile order and pay feature. More big brands are joining the party, with McDonald’s, Burger King, Wetherspoons, Costa and many more lare aunching mobile ordering apps.
Ordoo is perfectly positioned, as the leading mobile ordering platform in the UK, for independent coffee shops and independent coffee shop chains to take advantage of the trend.

How does a business sign up with Ordoo?

You can have Ordoo up and running in only seven days – so what are you waiting for… get in touch by clicking this link





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