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The reason Cafe Success exists is to ‘develop independent coffee shops to create successful businesses for their owners’, and much of what we do is all about training.

When we talk to owners and spend time in their business on our legendary ‘Healthchecks’, there is always one thing that we agree on, and that’s the importance of training. Not just for the teams but the business owner as well.

Two of the top reasons your guests leave you is because of the lack of consistency and the service. One day they get a perfect drink and a friendly smile and the next time a bad drink and a scowl.

It may seem obvious to people looking at a business from the outside that training and development are lacking.

If you have read Michael Gerbers ‘The Emyth’ you will understand why a business owner that does everything themselves will be unhappy.

Yesterday we spoke to someone who, after 25 years in business, felt that they couldn’t take more than a few days off. They worried there would be ‘nothing left’ when they came back if they did.

Proper training and development as well as improving the guest experience, also empowers your team and stops them thinking of leaving you.

We spend a good chunk of our time training ourselves, and we belong to several organisations to keep us (and our clients) ahead of the curve. With consumer tastes and technology moving forward at breakneck speed, without investment like this, our ‘Healthchecks’ would be much less effective.

Last month we were invited to the launch of The Beverage Standards Associaton Accreditation Scheme.

It’s a perfect way for any cafe to assess the quality of the drinks you serve. For a nominal cost, you will get an assessment from a BSA trained assessor that will give you a detailed analysis of your drinks quality and how they can be improved. On top of that, you will be awarded a rating that you can shout about, and get access to training as well. Click here for more details of the accreditation scheme.

Here is a quick list of what you get.

  • Visit/assessment by BSA trained assessor
  • Written report Completed on site by assessor
  • Feedback and rating from accessor on completion of report
  • Accreditation Cup ratings. 1-3 Commended, 4 Recommended, 5 Highly Recommended
  • Every Accredited Cup Standard entry will receive a certificate and decals
  • The auditor will offer suggested corrective actions if required. Immediate intervention to show potential improvement by support or identifying further training needs
  • Pictures taken of establishment and or staff for media/web site use
  • Inclusion on BSA Accreditations Café web site page. A picture and short story (max 50 words) content to be supplied by the customer
  • Benefit from other promotions, multimedia and trade magazines promoted by the BSA if whenever available
  • Additional Marketing for Golden Cup Award winners
  • Audits for accreditation to continue all year round, Awards based on entries received up to year end
  • Additional visit by alternative assessor if proposed for BSA yearly awards.

    Beverage Standards Association Accreditaion

    Bryan Stockley (right) who is an architect of the scheme at the launch with Andrew & Claire Bowen

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