Trusted Suppliers

A list of trusted suppliers for your coffee business

  • Your Questions

    We are continually asked, “What coffee should I use?” “What coffee machine should I buy?” “Where do I get my equipment from?” “We’ve spoken to so and so and they tell me that I need this.”

    Getting the right advice and support when you are just starting your coffee shop journey is so important to your future success. Sometimes saving a little money at this stage will cost you a lot more down the line. As the old saying goes “penny wise and pound foolish.”

  • Hidden Cost

    It is not just the extra cost of maintenance if something is unreliable, or the fact you will need to buy a replacement sooner, or the lost trade while the machine is awaiting repair it is, of course, all these. The cost of a wrongly situated appliance or one that takes a lot longer to do its job will dwarf all of these in the extra labour cost or reduced capacity to serve your guests.

    This is why when we get these questions we are very very selective with whom we recommend.

  • Relationship

    For us a the answer to the questions “what makes a good supplier?” is more to do with a few things. The first question is has the supplier got the ability to support you if they supply equipment that will mean being able to service, maintain and fix it. If they provide an ingredient or consumable product the how good are their stock availability level, delivery frequency, and account support?

    Of course, a supplier relationship is like any relationship in as much that it thrives on honesty and communication and the buyer has as much as a responsibility in this aspect as the supplier. An excellent buyer will get a good supplier.

What makes a good supplier?

  • Trusted Suppliers We Recommend


Coffee Machines and Coffee Shop Equipment

Mulmar is owned and run by business partners Agostino Luggeri and Enzo Frangiamore. They have been at the forefront of the speciality coffee movement in the UK, and have supported Caffè Nero in their growth as well as countless independent coffee shops and cafes.

Their support centre is state of the art and they cover the whole of the UK, so not only can they provide you with a coffee machine that will be perfect for your set up, they can service and maintain it as well.

Over and above coffee equipment, Mulmar offers a complete design and supply of counters and bar furnishings, offering customers a turn-key solution from a coffee shop to a restaurant. For their website click here


EPOS Supplier

Developed, owned and run by Trevor Claybrough, AlfaRichi EPOS systems is designed specifically for Coffee Shop businesses.

It is a cloud based system that runs on any Android tablet and can easily be scaled up and used remotely using 3G or Wifi

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U-Select are coffee shop equipment experts. With their 'Try it, Buy it' and 'Quick Start Hire' they have the most innovative and flexible ways of fitting out your business.

We published a blog about their service- red it here

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