We are excited to share with you a fantastic podcast from Bill Barol in which he talks to Kambiz Hemati, who was in charge of store design for Starbucks.

It’s worth 23mins and 56 seconds over a cup of your favourite freshly brewed coffee, for you to listen to Kambiz talk about the key elements of design; what makes a coffee shop fit in with its environment, how different customer bases and uses influence the style and utility of the space.

He left Starbucks because he wanted to experiment with designs and has opened his own Love Coffee Bar in Santa Monica, California. He has a detailed and intimate understanding of the coffee bar market and shares his insight in this podcast, particularly about what makes a third place.

He takes Bill through the whole thinking of how he set up his coffee bar, from the front door to the backdoor and how he went about making it feel like a home from home.

From the positioning of the coffee machine so that the barista can talk to the customer whilst making the drink, to the height, size  and comfort of the chairs. The level of thought that goes into what seems like a simple layout is amazing and will make you rethink how you look at your own business.

If you are in the process of opening or planning a refit then you can’t miss this.

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